Saturday, May 30, 2015

Excerpt: The Loft - Michael K.

I didn’t want him to get me close so I grabbed his hair and pulled him off me. “That’s enough. Now stand up and let me get you into position.
He smiled shyly as I fastened him, facing out, to the cross. I strapped his thighs to it as well as his wrists and ankles, then checked to make sure his bindings were tight before stepping back and having a look.
“Perfect,” I said.
I picked up the leather blindfold from the small table I’d positioned nearby. “No peeking,” I said as I fastened it over his eyes.
“No, Sir. Of course not.”
His cooperation pleased me immensely.
“Open your mouth.”
He did so. Before I did anything else, I snaked a finger inside and stroked the top of his tongue, then traced his lips. He grinned but accommodated me without complaint. I placed the ball between his teeth and fastened the buckle behind his head.
“You look wonderful.”
He tried to speak but the gag prohibited him, so he simply nodded.
I reached down and stroked his semi-erect cock, quickly bringing it to a proper stand. I took a cock ring from the table and affixed it behind his balls, nice and tight, making him even harder and bigger. He moaned.
I bent close to his ear. “You’ve been dying for this since you arrived, haven’t you?”
He nodded.
“Dying for me to tie you up and tease you until you explode.”
He whimpered and nodded again.
“Next time it will happen earlier if you don’t make such silly mistakes.”
He nodded frantically. I laughed.
“Settle down now. We have a long afternoon ahead of us. Don’t come until I say you can come. You’re going to want to, but don’t. I think you’ve had enough punishments for one weekend, eh?”
He sighed.
“If you need to safe word, turn your head quickly from side to side and make a staccato noise. Do you understand?”
He nodded again.
I pinched his nipple. “Good boy. Now for a moment I’m just going to enjoy the view.” I said stepping back and looking him over. “And plan my strategy.”
He tested his bonds as I took in the sight of him, trussed up, blindfolded and gagged, with the cock ring making his already big dick swollen and hard. Fuck, I loved my weekends. I walked over to the MP3 player and put on some relaxing classical music - Beethoven and Brahms. I wanted to take my time and this was the right music for it.
I thought back to another time and a similar place.

“James, relax. I just want to look at you and touch you.”
I tried to see beneath the cloth blindfold that Duncan had fastened over my eyes but it was impossible. I’d never had a man touch my naked body before, but I was used to being obedient, so I stopped struggling. Part of me was nervous, but a larger part was very, very excited. Duncan took notice.
“Don’t try to pretend you’re not enjoying this.”
Fuck it, I couldn’t wait for him to start touching me. And that feeling was new to me. I thought I’d enjoyed Colleen’s treatment but this was more intense. Being dominated by another man, a man like Duncan, was mind blowing
“What does Colleen like to do to you, James?” he asked quietly.
I hesitated. I didn’t really want to talk right now.
“James! Answer my question please.” His voice was sharp with command and made me jump.
“She likes to whip me, Sir. With the crop and sometimes, if I’ve been very disobedient, the strap.”
“I see. Has she ever used a cane?”
I shuddered. “No, Sir.”
“Hmm. I’d like to cane you at some point, James. But not today.”
“Yes, Sir.” I was scared of the canes. I’d heard they could be vicious. I was scared of Duncan.

Stepping forward, I dropped to my knees before my captured sub. He startled when he felt my hands on his thighs, and cried out when my tongue touched his swollen cock.
“Quiet.” I said, licking his glans with deliberate strokes of my tongue while I enclosed his balls in my hand. Then, squeezing gently, I took him in my mouth.
The metal on the cuffs rattled against the cross as he jerked and whimpered. I squeezed his balls harder at the same time taking him deep in my throat. He groaned and struggled. I kept him deep and breathed through my nose, varying the pressure on his testicles and pressing my tongue against him. I could feel his dick throbbing and he made the most delightful high-pitched moan-gasps.
When it became too uncomfortable for me to continue I backed off him and released his balls.
“Michael, you’re a mouthful,” I said casually, grabbing the bottle of water I’d placed nearby. I stood up and took a swig, regarding his wet erection and captured body with unabashed eagerness. This was how I liked my boys – Immobilized and helpless, trembling with adrenaline and excitement.
Holding the bottle over his cock, I dripped a bit of the cold water onto it. He gasped in surprise and, quite possibly, pain. The water had been in the freezer and was only about a third melted. He panted and waited to see if it would happen again. But I put the bottle down and resumed my position.
I gave him a lengthy and creative blowjob for the next thirty minutes, losing myself in the mellow music and the smell and taste of him, enjoying the rhythm of his arousal as I used a variety of techniques and speeds. By the time I released his prick it stood red and wet and huge. His chest rose and fell with his fast breaths and his chin was coated with saliva.
Stepping back, I had another drink, fully enjoying the leisurely pace of the session, but beginning to feel a bit bored. I moved close to Michael, nudging his reaching cock with my abs, and reached around him, undoing the buckle of the ball gag and removing it. He licked his lips and opened and shut his mouth a few times.
“Keep it closed,” I said, then leaned in and drew my tongue across his closed lips. “Now open.”
He did and I kissed him slowly, fucking his mouth with my tongue, feeling my dick throb. I pulled back finally.
“Thank you, Sir,” he whispered.
“You’re welcome. And delicious.”
He smiled and even blushed a little. Then I grabbed his balls in a firm grip, making him grimace.
“And very fun to torment.”
“Thank you, Sir,” he said in a strangled voice.
I chuckled, releasing his balls, and picking up the leather flogger I’d laid out. I ran the fronds up his leg. 
The smile returned.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cover Reveal!

Here is the beautiful cover for A Numinous Light!  Cover design my Winterheart Designs.  Photo of Mike Tattersall by Paul Thompson.

March 27th is release day for Book III in The James Lucas Trilogy!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Snowball Fight

We paid the bill and headed back to the condo. The snow was still coming down and collecting on the paths. The noise of snowplows clearing the way nearby broke the silence of the storm. As we trudged up the gentle slope to the condo the breath from our lips made little puffs of smoke, the crunch of our footsteps a pleasant accompaniment. As we got close to the chalet, Sebastian said my name from behind me.
When I turned around my face was hit with a freezing handful of snow.
Sebastian's musical laugh filled the darkness as I wiped the frigid crystals from my face. I gave him a cold look as I bent down and scooped up some snow. But he was already running up the hill.
"Winner gets a blowjob!" he yelled as I took chase.
"All you have to do is ask!" I replied, trying not to slip in the snow and slush. When I got close I hurled the ball at his back, grinning when it hit its target.
"Fuck!" he yelled but kept running.
I ran after him. We were almost at the top of the hill and then it was only another few yards to the door of the chalet. I forgot about the snowball fight and just hauled ass. I didn't care about the blowjob. It was a matter of principle now. I ran as fast as I could, almost tripping a couple of times in the heavy snow, feeling grateful I’d kept up my gym visits this winter. Trouble was, so had Sebastian.
Finally I made it close enough to reach out and grab his jacket, which I did, spinning him around and landing on top of him in a cold, wet pile. He struggled beneath me, laughing and trying to get away.
"Uh, uh, no you don't. You're not getting away from me, pup!" I laughed too, trying to shove snow down his pants and finding his shrieks and curses absolutely hilarious. He was so adorable. How did I get so lucky?
"Okay, okay, Uncle! That shit is cold on my balls!!!"
I stuffed one more handful down there for good measure. "You deserve it you little twerp."
"Ah, fuck, fuck!"
When I let him up he danced around, trying to get the snow out of his pants.
"Here, let me help," I said, grabbing the waist of his jeans and sliding my warm hand inside. I found his semi hard dick under the wetness and circled it with my hand as I grabbed his jacket and pulled him close. "Is that better?"
"Yeah," he said, breathless, cheeks rosy from the exertion. I watched his pupils dilate with desire, his face inches from mine.
"Don't get too excited. I'm just warming it up," I said, giving it a squeeze before letting go and withdrawing my hand.
"Come on. Let's get inside."

- A Numinous Light, Chapter Six