Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My New Website and Blog!

I'd like to announce the launch of a brand new WordPress site that combines the static features of a website with the dynamic features of a blog.

Blogger has been very good to me - I really have no complaints. But when I discovered WordPress offered slightly more and still all for free, I decided to set up there.

My new blog and website is at elizabethlister.wordpress.com.

Please go there for updates, photos and inspiration.

~ Liz

Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Man's Trash

In January, popular New York BDSM author Laura Antoniou tagged me in a post regarding submissions for a 2015 edition of The Best Lesbian Erotica Anthology. I decided then and there to try my hand at writing a full on short story with only girl on girl action.

I've been writing the boy on boy stuff for awhile and, although I still really enjoy it, I do feel like branching out into other genres. So Laura's challenge came at just the right time.

I wrote the story this past week. It's called "Another Man's Trash" and this is what it's about:

Rachael Fraser buys cheap abandoned storage lockers in order to stock her small thrift store. At an auction one hot afternoon she spies a beautiful red haired woman on the arm of an arrogant stranger - an impatient man who purchases an expensive locker in the face of his girlfriend's protests. Later that week, when sorting through her purchases, Rachael encounters the woman again. Lydia has been abandoned and left to unload a big locker on her own. Rachael offers her assistance and the next thing you know, close quarters and a united purpose bring these women together in a steamy encounter.

My husband laughed when I told him my short story would take place partially at a storage facility. I was trying to think of an original setting for my characters' encounter, but I didn't really picture them having full on sex in a storage locker. So the other setting ends up being the back office at Rachael's thrift shop.

I'm pleased with the story, even though it took more deliberation than some of my M/M pieces which seem to come embarrassingly easily.

Once I get the first draft back from my helpful betas I will submit it and keep my fingers crossed.

~ Liz

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Contest and Excerpt - The Cross and the Trinity - NSFW

The Cross and the Trinity will be published on Friday March 28th! Leave a comment on this post and your name will be entered into a draw to win a free electronic copy of the book on release day.

He reminded us of the things we spoke about at lunch when we’d set some limits to our involvement in the play aspect of the party, so that James would have a guideline.

We’d agreed he wouldn’t hand us over to anyone else. If he wanted us to participate in something he needed to be with us at all times, which he said was something that would never have been an issue, but it was good to have said it out loud. We’d also agreed to participate in any bondage or percussion activities, as long as he was directing them. We had our safewords and were free to use them at any point.

We began by making use of the enemas James had brought, then showering and shaving.

When we came out of the bathroom we saw James sitting on the nearest bed with some things laid out beside him, namely, two large steel anal plugs with harnesses. He held a tube of lubricant in his gloved right hand.

“Dry yourselves and then drop the towels.”

We did. Luckily it was pretty warm in the room.

“Eeny meeny miny mick,” he said, pointing the tube alternately at our cocks as he recited the somewhat familiar rhyme. “Catch a slave-boy by the dick. If he hollers spank him quick. If he cries then use the stick.”

Nice. And it pointed at me.

“Tate, hands behind your head, please,” he ordered, all business now. And, as usual, I loved it. “Turn around and hold the edge of the desk.”

I soon felt his lubed fingers pushing into me, loosening and stretching me to receive the plug. It took a few moments for him to insert it and attach the harness. He made some adjustments so it was secure and then slapped me lightly on the bottom. “Okay. Go stand at the end of the bed.”

I did so and watched him perform the same ritual on Sebastian. Seeing him slowly insert the hard steel into my boy’s ass made my cock swell. It gave me a little preview of the evening before us. No doubt there would be all kinds of stimulating things going on, we would get hornier and hornier, and we’d be unable to derive any kind of satisfaction until James allowed it. Perhaps we’d be rewarded for volunteering for some play? That would probably be the only slim chance of some relief. Otherwise we’d simply walk around, teased unbearably by the sights and by the plugs rubbing our prostates.

After he plugged and harnessed Sebastian, James made us stand together at the foot of the bed while he went to get some other items.

He soon returned with the rubber jockstraps he’d bought us, our Docs, and a pair of socks each.

“Fuck,” I said. “Is that it?”

“I’m afraid so,” James said.

We put the rest of our outfits on.

“Hmm. Something’s missing,” he murmured.

He got up and fished a couple of things out of a plastic bag in his suitcase. They made a jingling sound as he brought them over.

“It is a Christmas party,” he reminded us as he attached a black leather collar with jingle bells around my neck.

“Oh fuck,” I couldn’t help saying. I felt ridiculous, but knew the leather Daddies at the party would love it.

“You’ll have lots of offers, Tate, dressed like that.” He smirked. “Especially with this handsome boy by your side.”

He attached the other collar around Sebastian’s neck. Then he attached black leather wrist cuffs on us. At least they didn’t have bells on them. But they did have metal rings for bondage. 

“It’s best to be prepared. Saves time,” James murmured. “Tate, I want to make you pretty. Come with me.”

Not sure exactly what he meant I followed him into the bathroom, where he dumped a small leather case of makeup and hair products onto the counter.

“Um, James,” I said, remembering a previous escapade.

“Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make you look like a woman tonight.”

I was relieved to hear it, and let him spike up my hair with some gel and apply a bit of black liner around my eyes. There was no need for any blush as my cheeks looked pretty rosy already from excitement and nerves.

He held up what looked like a tube of lipstick, with a cheeky smile.

“But I thought...I mean, you said...”

He laughed. “Don’t worry. It’s only a bit of gloss. You really have gorgeous lips, Tate.”

He applied the gloss and I checked myself out in the mirror. Hmm, not bad. Androgynous, perhaps, but not feminine. I pursed my lips, looking like a saucy little emo boy.

“Perfect,” James said.

He brought me back to the bedroom and examined Sebastian’s face carefully.

“Doesn’t he get makeup?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” James said thoughtfully. “The natural look suits Sebastian better. Oh, I almost forgot.” 

He went back to his suitcase and took something out. When he returned it was to attach braided leather leashes to our collars. 

“This will help me keep hold of you both in the crowd and signify my ownership of your bodies this evening.” He smiled, jerking the leashes gently, which caused the bells on our collars to jingle. “And I can do that.”

Dear God, kill me now.

He looked us over appreciatively. “Oh yes. Patrice and his guests will love you two. I’ll have to keep a close eye on you both.” He winked.

“All right. Wait for me here while I shower and get dressed.”

We finally descended to the main floor at eight-thirty, where already many people milled about the enormous living room and front hall, which had been set up as a social gathering and conversation area—a place for people to mingle and speak to each other before heading downstairs for more intimate exchanges.

James had told us that, for this one event each year, Patrice’s basement became a veritable dungeon paradise for kinky bastards like us. He brought in all sorts of bondage furniture and accessories, rope and even suspension equipment. Tonight it would be set up for various scenes and for people to take advantage of if so inclined.

I, for one, could hardly wait to see it.

To my delight, James wore a pair of black leather pants with a riveted codpiece and big motorcycle boots that I’d never seen him wear before, and which caused a very pleasing reaction. He wore no shirt, just a leather harness under a leather vest and his leatherman’s hat, of course, to mark him as a Sir here this evening. He wore no makeup and the sparse, graying hair on his chest and muscular belly gave him the look of a real Daddy.

He smiled broadly as he greeted his friends and introduced Sebastian and me, the admiring looks he received topped only by those directed at us. A few men asked permission to touch us. James graciously permitted it, watching closely to ensure we weren’t overtly molested.

I didn’t know about Sebastian, but I found it a bit nerve- wracking. I felt self-conscious and on display as James’ sexy boytoy. But this feeling only lasted for about ten minutes. After being led around on a leash and having strangers fondle me at the whim of my Master I settled into that welcome submissive headspace and began to feel not only comfortable with my predicament but extremely aroused by it.

I wondered what lay in store for the two of us this evening. Whatever happened, I felt sure it would be on an entirely different level from anything we had experienced previously.

“Delilah!” James greeted a man dressed in huge purple pumps, stockings, skirt, corset, and tons of garish makeup, and holding an unlit cigarette in a long holder. “I hoped you’d be here. It’s been ages!”

“James Lucas, while I live and breathe...heavily!” Delilah threw his arms around James, giving him a smoochy kiss on the cheek, which produced an obvious lipstick smudge.

“Oops!” Delilah grimaced, wiping the smudge off with his large thumb. “Can’t have you walking around looking like a tramp, can we?” He giggled and his eyes found us. “Oh, James, you brought me a present,” he said, eyes traveling over Sebastian and me with undisguised interest.

James laughed. “Perhaps you’ll get a turn. For now they’re coming with me. Have you been downstairs?”

Delilah rolled his heavily mascaraed eyes. “Darling, what do you think? It’s fabulous, as usual.” He caught my eye. “Be careful. They’ll eat you up down there.” He winked at me, pushing my level of anticipation up another notch.

James led us to the door at the back of the room, which opened onto a set of stairs lit only from below.

“Watch your step,” he said as he dropped our leashes and began to descend. 

I followed Sebastian down the dim stairs into the bowels of the house, becoming aware of certain delineated sounds as we neared the bottom; leather striking flesh, the rattle of metal chains, the sound of wood furniture straining from the weight or struggle of a body, a cry of pain or pleasure, difficult to discern which.


The Cross and the Trinity, MLR Press, March 28th, 2014.